Personal Information Protection Policies

All Customers

Please read the following policies prior to providing personal information to FUN! JAPAN (“FUN! JAPAN” or “we” or “us”). By using this website, you are deemed to agree to the terms in this statement and agree to receive our services that utilize your personal information.

1. Purpose of uses of personal information

The FUN! JAPAN service will use your personal information for the following purposes (hereinafter referred to as “Purposes of Use”):

(1) Use as a member of the service

• Authentication upon and after logging in and automatic display of membership information on each page when you use the service as a registered member of the service

(2) Transactions provided by the FUN! JAPAN service

• Operations necessary for your entry for a prize, etc., support for your inquiry, inquiry from us to you, related follow-up services, and other transactions

(3) Advertising, promotion, and marketing for the service

• Provision of information such as email magazines for customers

• Provision of information on services via email, mail, or telephone

• Personalization of the contents and advertisement you view based on such personal attributes as your gender, age, place of residence, hobbies, and preferences, as well as purchase history and viewing history of the FUN! JAPAN service's web site

• Development of new services and enhancement of existing services based on analysis of your use of the FUN! JAPAN service

• Communication with you concerning services via questionnaires, campaigns, comments, etc.

(4) Support for your inquiry

• Support for your inquiry concerning the FUN! JAPAN service via email, mail, etc.

(5) Other purposes associated with FUN! JAPAN service

• Uses that are deemed necessary to provide the FUN! JAPAN service in association with (1) through (4) above

(6) Provision to service providers

• Provision of personal information to service providers according to “3. Provision and consignment of personal information”

(7) Miscellaneous

• Personal information may be used for a purpose not stipulated above for individual services. In this case, a notification will be placed on the web site of the individual service.

2. Acquisition of personal information

In providing services, we collect the following information pertaining to our customers. Please understand that while certain information may be optional, we may not be able to offer our services or respond to inquiries based on the lack of such optional information. These are examples of personal information, and might not constitute personal information, depending on the specific content of the information.

(1) Information provided by you

• All information you provide, including your name, gender, date of birth, place of residence, language, religion, email address, mobile phone email address, your current location, and answers to questionnaires

(2) Information obtained in connection with use of our services

• Any information that can be used to identify you when you apply for a prize or any other transaction organized by FUN! JAPAN and transaction record information associated therewith

• Information on the comment or description provided when you address a question, complete a questionnaire, participate in a campaign, enter a comment, rate a service, etc., to or with the FUN! JAPAN service or a service provider by email or by other means

(3) Information that is mechanically obtained when you access this website

• Information such as the IP address and mobile terminal model identification when your computer accesses the Internet including your location of access

• Information that is obtained when you access this website, such as the type and version of your browser, operating system, and platform, as well as the pages (URLs) you visited, the time and date of your visits, and the products you viewed or searched for

• In addition to the above, information that is automatically collected and stored every time you use our Group’s services, such as access information obtained by using cookie or web beacon technology

• For the avoidance of doubt, the above information provided will be duly managed and maintained in accordance with “4 Protection of personal information” below after it is transmitted to outside of Malaysia.

3. Provision and entrustment of personal information

At FUN! JAPAN, we handle personal information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan, and will not disclose to or share your personal information with third parties without your consent unless required or permitted by law. However, your personal information may be provided to or handled by a third party to the extent to achieve the purpose of use of personal information. In this case, we stipulate in the agreement with such third party that the personal information will be handled and managed in the same manner as under this policy and the identification of such third party and the management by such third parties is verified as appropriate.

(1) Personal data that are provided or entrusted are the same as those specified under “1. Purpose of uses of personal information”

(2) Personal data that is provided are the same as “2. Acquisition of personal information”

(3) The scope of joint users is limited to the service providers who require the information for their duties to be carried out.

(4) The means and method of providing and sharing information are by analog medium, whether by electronic transfer, by paper, CD-ROM, or a medium managed by this Service

(5) If you request providing and/or sharing of information to be terminated, please refer to and proceed with “5. Notification, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of the purpose of use of personal information, as well as, suspension of use, elimination, stopping of provision to third parties of personal information”

4. Protection of personal information

We are taking appropriate and reasonable measures from technical and management view points to protect, properly manage, and prevent the disclosure, loss, or damage of personal information. We promise to manage and protect in the collection, use and provision of information strictly within the bounds of legitimate service by adhering to the direction and privacy policies of the management company, Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

5. Notification, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of the purpose of use of personal information, as well as, suspension of use, elimination, stopping of provision to third parties of personal information

•You may notify us of your purpose of use, and request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion or termination, suspension of provision to any third party, of your personal data through “Contact Us.” If you have forgotten your user ID or password, please refer to the FAQ page.

•As to the procedure of deletion or termination, you may proceed by yourself on the page of “FAQ” or we will respond to your request to “Contact us” by suspending the use of the service or the provision of the personal data to service providers.

•If you request us to stop your use of service or to stop providing your personal data to service providers, you may be restricted from using parts or all of the services. In addition, if you have not logged in for a long time, your personal data may be automatically deleted or terminated.

•FUN! JAPAN may keep backup data in case of data loss due to computer failure, human error, or other force majeure reasons. You cannot take any procedures to confirm the backup data, due to their nature.

•By using the service, you are agreeing to the provisions under “5. Notification, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of the purpose of use of personal information, as well as, termination in use, elimination, stopping of provision to third parties of personal information”

6. Personal information of minors

Our Service protects information of minors with the same governance of adults. However, users under the age of 15 years old may require the consent of a legal guardian.

7. Contact regarding personal information

If you have any questions concerning the handling of personal information, please refer to the Help page.

8. Security of this website

•The FUN! JAPAN service may ask for your cooperation to ensure that your personal data are accurate and up to date.

•In order to ensure security, the FUN! JAPAN service uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology when you enter important information, such as personal information that can be used to identify individuals, to protect the information from interception, interference, or alteration.